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NLA FlexiGuy 500 (FG500)
Mic/Line/Instrument Preamplifier:

FG500 Flexiguy

Flexiguy FG500 Mic/Line/Inst Preamp - $850
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NLA CurvOmatic (FT501)
esonant LP / HP Filter Set with Bax Tone Tipper:

Ft501 CurvOmatic

CurvOmatic FT501 Resonat Filters + Tone Tip - $750
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NonLinearAudio is the outgrowth of creative technical audio design concepts and efforts from Jens Jungkurth (Eisen Audio, LLC) and John Klett (Tech Mecca, Inc.).

NonLinearAudio products are manufactured in Brooklyn, New York.

For our purposes, NonLinearAudio is about the difference between a "perfect straight wire with gain", or a "perfect equalizer with no phase or distortion artifacts", or a "perfect dynamics controller" (none of which exist, by the way), and what occurs in the real world. We different the color and the sound we like in some gear, dislike in other gear and, most often, have mixed opinions about in a lot of gear. ALL analog gear is nonlinear in varied degrees depending on how it's used. Some of this non-linearity is useful and sounds "good" and other non-linearities sound pretty awful. Digital converters and workstations have gotten pretty good at emulating analog processors cleanly however these idealized emulations throw away some of the possibilities, some of the useful nonlinear audio artifacts and color you could get from working with real analog hardware devices. Even new analog renditions of older gear don't always "get it", and worse, there are those who "upgrade" classic gear to make it sound almost like a plug-in... what a world... make my vintage thing sound like a plug-in... pfehh!

The mission at NonLinearAudio is to distill what we like in to new gear that we can use ourselves and share with the world... it's not about making another rendition or clone of a common "classic". It's about making truly useful creative analog audio hardware tools with purpose.

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