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NonLinearAudio product production info: 2017


the NonLinearAudio manufacturing operation moved two times in the last 3 years. We ran inventory and parts down before the last move, right before New Years 2016->17, because stuff has mass and occupies space, less stuff is easier to move. We are now organized into a new space with a reasonable (close to zero) overhead and room to spread out and work in when we need it. We are refilling parts and metal is ordered.

here is the dope:

Production 2017 - we will be producing "runs" of each of the three products (listed below) that we call current. We look at it like we are making cookies. We already know we will be making four dozen of each kind of cookie this year because we like these cookies and will eat many ourselves. We might make bigger batches if others are feeling hungry and making this known to us - we'll see as we are getting closer.

  • FG500 Flexiguy preamp
  • FT501 CurvOmatic

Current Inventory with respect to 500 format cookies is depleted
and we won't have any but a drip or a drop of "B" demo stock until June 2017 earliest

Two new products coming - a rack mount line-amp/mixer product, and a DJ product, Abby's Isolator.

We will do Build To Order (BTO) runs - we are, or are slated to do, different ones of these in 2017.

Jens is engineering a lot, at Diamond Mine and elsewhere
track Jens at

Klett is doing multi-stranded projects that culminate this year
as well as some studio engineering and whatever else
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drop an email to inquire at nonlinearaudio dot com to ask about product availability
or if you have something special you want made


About's not about making another rendition or clone of a common "classic". It's about making truly useful creative analog audio hardware tools with purpose.

NonLinearAudio is the outgrowth of creative technical audio design concepts and efforts from Jens Jungkurth (Eisen Audio, LLC) and John Klett (Tech Mecca, Inc.).

NonLinearAudio staff is comprised of audio engineers, who use their ears as well as math and measurement, while consulting other seasoned recording engineers producers and musicians for end-user feedback.

NonLinearAudio products are designed and assembled in New York City, U.S.A., using high quality, carefully selected, domestically-produced materials wherever possible and practical.


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